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SRA provides a range of international development services to deliver effective and comprehensive solutions for assessment, production, processing, marketing, planning and management situations across the aquaculture, agricultural and livestock industries.

  • Livestock Facilities

    Animal holding and handling, transportation, feedlots and facilities, planning, design, equipment specification;

    Model Livestock Farm/Livestock Camp layouts and structures;

    Agri-based processing facilities including abattoirs and milk processing plants;

    Livestock Research and Animal Quarantine facilities;

    Dairy, Beef and Sheep Farms and related facilities:

    Advice on purchase internationally of livestock farms and enterprises: and

    Intensive livestock production facilities (poultry, sheep, goats, beef and dairy cattle).

  • Livestock systems studies

    Development of broad-based livestock production systems (sheep, cattle and goats) including identification of nutrition and health problems, management strategies and the introduction of relevant control and preventive measures;

    Design and planning of agro-industrial processing and transport facilities, including abattoirs, feedmills, milk processing, and livestock holding and movement facilities;

    Establishment of veterinary service facilities to address disease or health problems, and their prevention and control;

    Establishment of field survey, epidemiological procedures and laboratory processes;

    Design and implementation of Animal Identification & Recording Systems (AIRS); and

    Design and preparation of technical and operating procedural manuals.

  • Livestock Industry studies designed to identify areas of priority development

    Industry studies including farmer and pastoralist surveys;

    National and regional surveys and census’s;

    Analysis of statistical data and identification of industry trends; and

    Identification of major factors to improve animal production.

  • Agricultural systems studies

    Planning, design and integration of broad-based agricultural systems: including broad-acre and smallholder dryland and irrigated agriculture;

    Design of rangeland regeneration and management programmes;

    Irrigation system design;

    Recommendations for improved crop agronomy, husbandry and cultivation techniques;

    Development of fodder and pasture production under both irrigation and dryland conditions, and its conservation;

    Utilisation of crop wastes and by-products; and

    Evaluation of alternative feed options.

  • Aquaculture studies for the whole range of production systems

    Evaluation of fish markets locally, regionally and internationally;

    Determination of opportunities for new aquaculture production;

    Design of hatchery, production and fish processing systems, including RAS, on-shore ponds and off-shore cage systems;

    Sales and marketing programs; and

    Environmental assessment.

  • Environmental studies

    Establishment of national standards;

    Design of facilities for environmentally susceptible areas;

    Design of environmental laboratories;

    Environmental impact assessment (design of procedures and execution of studies);

    Environmental planning (protected areas, coastal zone management, wildlife parks and sanctuaries); and

    Special environmental studies (bio-diversity, desertification, contaminated land, environmental policy).

  • Human resource development programs

    Reviewing local and regional manpower resources and avenues for increased employment opportunities;

    Determination of levels of technical expertise in target communities;

    Provision of effective extension services appropriate to community needs;

    Training of personnel to deliver community services;

    Identification of appropriate training programmes for management, technical and extension personnel; and

    Training programmes specifically designed to meet the requirements of the client and target beneficiaries.

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